Telephone Focus Groups: Consider the Advantages

Better Physician Sample

The best and busiest doctors who don’t have time for face-to-face research will attend – at home, at the hospital, wherever they happen to be.

Geographical Distribution in Every Group

With telephone groups, physicians come together, in a virtual research facility, from all over the country and throughout the world.

Eliminates Sponsor Travel

Multiple projects need not be put on hold while the research analyst travels to attend in person. With a telephone group, the sponsor can participate from anywhere.

Saves Time and Money

Eliminating travel costs can save thousands of dollars on every project. Wide geographical distribution in each group means getting the same input with fewer sessions.

Respondents Forced to be More Articulate

Unable to rely on nods and smiles, respondents must articulate their thoughts, and the experienced phone group moderator makes sure that every respondent participates fully.

Better In-Group Communication

We were the first to offer “Client-Active Participation” which provides multiple channels of direct, real-time communication between sponsor and moderator during the teleconference. The analyst can feed questions to the moderator and even join the group to ask a question or probe an issue more deeply.

Experience Matters

Conducting a telephone focus group is a complex task, and KaplanResearch moderators
have been doing it for the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry more than 20 years.