Quantitative Services

Our integrated, multidisciplinary team incorporates learning from qualitative research to craft hypotheses, identify question areas and attitudes, and create optimal survey language for target audiences. The resulting highly effective, customized survey will provide statistically reliable answers to questions like these.

  • Is there a viable market for my product or service?
  • How can we estimate the market potential or size?
  • How will my new product fit into the existing market?
  • How will it impact competitive market shares?
  • What is the optimal combination of product features and attributes?
  • How many people are currently engaged in a particular behavior?
  • Is this behavior or opinion universal in my total addressable market?
  • Or is there a sweet spot or segment that should be prioritized as we roll this out?
  • What is the optimal price point from a physician and/or patient perspective?
  • Did our recent marketing expenditures move the needle on awareness or trial interest?