KaplanResearch’s unique ReCAP lets you and your sales force hear what your customers and prospects are saying – when you’re not around.ReCAP is a series of telephone focus groups that combine the experience of your sales force with an in-depth look at how your customers and prospects see your products and understand your marketing messages.


In a single research session, we bring together the perspectives of the field, your customers and prospects, and the sales and marketing management team without anyone having to travel anywhere.

Each session looks like this:

Step 1: Operating as field “consultants,” reps describe what they see and hear every day in their sales calls. Then, with their lines muted, they listen to:

Step 2: A telephone focus group made up of customers/prospects (not being called on by the reps in Step 1). Respondents discuss your product, your competitors, your marketing messages, and their thoughts about recent sales calls.

Step 3: After the customer/prospect focus group, reps return to a highly interactive discussion where they compare and contrast what they heard with their own experience. They problem-solve, strategize, and recommend new sales approaches that will increase the impact of your marketing messages.

And the marketing or marketing research team can hear it all.

Learn how your reps are getting your messages across and how your customers/prospects are hearing them – because in today’s economy, you can’t afford not to know.