Qualitative research offers direction and recommendations for product development, marketing strategies, and advertising creative. But sometimes you want more confidence about the wider market before you move forward. 10+100’s two-stage design gives you that confidence – quickly and inexpensively. 10+100 combines the depth and richness of information you get from qualitative research with the reliability of projectable data from quantitative.

  • 10 In-Depth Qualitative Interviews
    With well-designed, 30 minute telephone interviews, we can uncover attitudes and practices, understand issues and barriers, gain powerful insights into advertising creative, identify critical product attributes, and learn about potential product utilization.
  • 100 Quantitative Interviews
    Utilizing insights from the qualitative stage, we immediately craft a quantitative survey to gauge the extent of product and category attitudes, behaviors, and intentions. High quality data and rapid execution enable you to move quickly to implement your strategy with confidence.
  • To-The-Point Reports and Actionable Recommendations
    Our analyses come from extensive marketing as well as research experience. We’ve worked inside and outside companies, so we know your goal is not just to get answers, but to grow your product.
  • Very Fast Turnaround
    5 – 6 weeks from kick-off meeting to an online presentation of the findings.
  • Cost Effective Solutions
    Designed for start-ups and companies that are carefully monitoring expenses, 10+100 typically costs <$50k including incentives.

Our experience and solid communication make it possible. The KaplanResearch team on your project will always be senior, experienced people so the learning curve is very short. Senior qualitative and quantitative researchers work together from the very first meeting, shadowing each other, sharing insights, and working concurrently to move the project forward.